Our Services

Our services include Tyre AMC, Tyre Management Solutions, Vehicle AMC, and eTyre Mart Franchise Service.


Tyre AMC

Mpover will Repair the Tyre at Free of cost or replace the Tyre on Prorata based on Tyre wear for Tyres which cannot be repaired by connecting the nearest service provider through app from the place you got struck… with a Nominal AMC Fee.

Tyre Management Solutions

With Tyre management, you can fully manage your Tyre. This can help you to serialize the Tyres and track the Progress, usage, Cost per km, Identifying right brand / Pattern and Scrap analysis.

This can also enable you to save time, Curb risk and maximize the profit by capturing your entire Tyre history in the Tyre management system and controls.

With the control of Tyre management resulting in Low Rolling resistance of Tyres leads to a better Fuel efficiency of vehicle and reduces the CPKM of Fuel.

Vehicle AMC

Mpover will charge one time AMC fee with an attractive price compared to the full maintenance cost including spares incurred by the customer per year for his vehicle. This AMC is being carried out by a Mpover certified Mechanic located nearest to the customer’s work or home place through online platform.

Click the below link for a video on Mpover India Tyre eService & AMC


Mpover India Franchise concept - eTYRE MART

eTyre Mart is the Mpover Franchise, supports Tyre AMC and Bike AMC for customers by providing exclusive service in addition to our network of mechanic shops.

This Store facilitates New Tyres, New Batteries and other accessories supplies to our AMC customers at a special price.

This will be a point of physical contact for Service vehicles for their respective areas.

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